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Befriend Unhealthy Habits with Resilient Yoga Tools

Global Yoga Therapy 

Conference August 13, 2021 

Yogic Tools for Acute Traumatic Stress Injuries Sustained by Violent Assault
A talk for Global Yoga Therapy Day August 13, 2020 by Heather Hagaman
Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist, Resilient Yoga For You LLC

I have always wanted to use the therapeutic yogic tools for trauma protocol with a client right after a traumatic incident. This client was a victim of an assault/trauma! I had my first session with her within the 13th hour after the incident. I have thought if we, as trauma informed yoga therapists could be there right after the trauma and administer trauma informed yogic self care, we might be able to shift a person away from getting stuck into a lifetime of being in defense mode. We could quite possibly move the person through the post traumatic injuries into resiliency and not into a disorder.

The therapeutic yoga trauma protocol or yogic self care I use with people with trauma essentially is to 1) educate the client about their defense physiology, 2) cultivate compassion and understanding for how hard the body works to protect and 3) learn how to befriend all the layers (Koshas) of the body with the use of yoga philosophy, asana, and pranayama. The successful application of these tools right after the trauma incident have been awe inspiring!

2020 Another Day Virtual Walk to Stop Suicide Event September 6, 2020 sponsored by Mental Health America of Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Host: Cathleen Pessolano, Executive Director. Mental Health America of Fredericksburg

Join Heather Hagaman and Maryam Ovissi, both trauma-informed yoga therapists to learn how essential it is to find small and accessible ways to Befriend Yourself during challenging times. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have learned effective tools to navigate difficult times. Join us to be inspired and learn small, easy ways to take care of your whole self.

The Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation presents in honor of Veteran's Day and Alzheimer's Awareness Month an outstanding educational webinar on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 called Trauma, Yoga and Your Brain Webinar.  Guest Speaker Heather Hagaman, MA C-IAYT and Host Kirti Khalsa

We know from research that even as we age, our brain still forms new neurons and that through neuroplasticity our brains can be rewired. 


Current studies looking at how healthy habits strengthen your brain health have shown that yoga decreases the stress response within the brain and boosts brain power. In the trauma context, that is called self-regulation.


In this 1.5 hour webinar, we will discuss how trauma manifests in the body, trauma-derived habits, and how to approach clients using specific trauma-yoga approaches. We will also experience simple and effective techniques that you can then apply to your practice and allow plenty of time for Q&A.


Whether this information is for yourself or for your students and clients, this webinar will result in better management of reactive emotions, thinking more clearly and developing greater focus.

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